The Bio-Activator INTEGRAL PLUS is a new elastodontic appliance from the A.M.C.O.P. line, indicated for the treatment of the dental arches, during the alignment phase of the dental elements that compose them, with fixed appliances as of the multibrackets type. By means of a special guide placed in the inner wall of the upper and lower flanges, suitable to accommodate inside them the different types of fixed appliances with the aim of impro

The new A.M.C.O.P. DTM bioactivators are designed more specifically for the treatment of patients with TMJ dysfunction and/or neuromuscular tension decompensation (bruxism). They can also be used for the restraint phase after the use of the Integral orthopedic activator and after the use of other fixed appliances and aligner masks.

AMCOP Appliance for the Angle skeletal Class II treatment. It corrects the Class II skeletal classes repositioning the jaw in a Class I key. Brochures .Pdf Indications for use Orthodontic Survey Template Waitingroom Catalogue .Pdf English Instructions .Pdf IFU English IFU English Extra CE Clinical Case .Pdf English Description Indications It is indicated for the […]

Open è un nuovo dispositivo elastodontico della gamma dei Bio-Attivatori Amcop, indicato per il trattamento delle arcate dentarie, con malocclusione di carattere scheletrico, di tipo morso aperto anteriore (Open Byte); che ha come causa determinante, abitudini viziate riguardanti la deglutizione atipica e uno specifico scompenso di carattere scheletrico cranio-mandibolare. Il dispositivo deve essere prescritto dal medico ortodontista dopo una co

Open is a new elastodontic device from the Amcop Bio-Activators range, indicated for the treatment of dental arches, with malocclusion of a skeletal nature, of the anterior open bite type (Open Byte); which has as its determining cause, spoiled habits regarding atypical swallowing and a specific craniomandibular skeletal decompensation. The device must be prescribed by the orthodontist after a correct diagnosis for correct planning of the treatme