ELASTOOSAS* is a new elastodontic appliance from the A.M.C.O.P. Bio- Activators line. It is made of thermoelastic medical material and has the aim of clearing the airways by means of a specific functional action, thus substantially reducing snoring.

The ELASTOOSAS appliance is also indicated in case of:

  • Bruxism (nocturnal grinding)
  • Certain tension problems of a  neuro- muscular nature
  • Muscle tension headaches in  predisposed patients.

* The appliance is recommended for use by dentists with specific training in the treatment of respiratory problems in a multidisciplinary approach with ENT specialists.

The appliance for snoring at night, ELASTOOSAS, consists of two occlusal splints joined together by a sliding and retractable occlusal guide, so that a monobloc type of appliance is composed which is suitable for containing the teeth of the upper and lower dental arch in their entirety. The appliance is designed with an occlusal guide suitable for containing the different types of arch form. They can be distinguished from each other by different col- ours and abbreviations on the front right of the lower flange. The main elements that make up the appliance, so that the desired action can be achieved, concerns, first of all, the shaping of a reference guide to the lower arch which is more forward (protruded) than normal, and an occlusion plane adequately raised to accompany a particular shaping of ramp type, which extends along the entire perimeter of the lower lingual flanges, having the specific function of a true lingual elevator supported by a “repere” (Button) suitable for the stimulus (Input) of the tongue itself in the palatine area, retro-incisive zone (Lingual Spot). These elements are generally decisive for the recovery of a correct nasal breathing, as they allow to further free the pharyngeal area.